Great Vespers

This is all the music in the Great Vespers service.

Music Book Print out:

We have a Orange Vespers book used in the Parish, but this is the “enhanced” Vespers Book that you can print out at your leisure. It contains all the sheet music for the songs that don’t have any sheet music out of the Parish hymnal…

Note, all the music practice links and recordings are after this. If you’re committed and expect to be at Vespers consistently and wish to sing, please print out all 17 pages and staple them together and bring this weekly. You can then use these documents instead of the Vesper book. As a suggestion, you can also punch holes in it and place it into a binder.

(Also, please note, that despite these appearing “too light” on your computer or telephone screen, it will be acceptable to print out. This will save you money and help save the environment.


Different Tones

Vespers includes moving parts, like Divine Liturgy. For our Parish, the Lord I call Upon Thee is the tone of the week, so if Divine Liturgy the previous Sunday was Tone 5, the Lord I Call Upon Thee is tone 5 as follows

Lord I Call Tones

There is a different text each week for the tones. When it’s vespers, its always those “Lord I call Tones” above. Whether it’s the Lord I call or Apostika, it’s these Stichera tones, not the Ressurectional Obikhod tones!

Personally, I think memorizing each tone of the week is best because then you dont have to flip between the sheet music and transcribe words to the notes on the fly. Also the documents we will be given on Weds night will have underlines, so stretch out the letters there. Once you do it a few times you can intuitively guess properly – Josh