This website is a compilation of Liturgical Music and resources for all those who are members of the Liturgical Ministry which is comprised of all the Faithful.

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Whether you’re a trained musician, or have never sung a note in your life; this page will have resources for you, including general singing tutorials to help further your participation in all Liturgical Services at your local Orthodox Christian Parish.

Further exploration of this website will help guide you to the variety of tones, chants, and other songs that you can practice at home with your family, or with members of your parish

Note: this site’s “dynamic” information: ie, blog posts, updates, are geared towards the parishioners serving God at the Holy Protection Orthodox Christian Church in Dover, FL, therefore do not rely on the scheduled hymns or documentation here for your parish! Translations, and melodies may be completely different, and it’s best to consult your Priest and/or choir director if you’d like to learn your Parish’e’s music, though there will likely be some overlap.

If you’re not an Orthodox Christian and you’re curious what all of this means, visit this link to learn more about God, Church History, and our Sacred Traditions.

When we sing church hymns, we must be careful that we do not pronounce only the words with our tongues while our hearts wander elsewhere

St. John Chrysostom